Algeria’s Mix Bag: Blog 3

Algeria’s proclaimed multi-party system is only that in name, but what lies beneath the surface, is a robust political diversity, that has yet to take root. The main supporters of political suppression are the National Liberation Front (NLF), and it’s sister organizations: Front Liberation National (FLN)¬†& Rassemblement National Democratique. These three entities have dominated Algeria’s […]

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Democracy: The Islam Way Merged With Core Democratic Principles

Democracy in the West holds traditional principles: Freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and Freedom for expression. These core western principles have no ambiguity from a Western perceptive. Furthermore the West views secularism as the separation of Church from State, this is exactly why the West celebrates their ideas, or can we say ideology on […]

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Algeria’s Democracy Dilemma: Authorianism Historcial Tentacles On Algeria’s Political Economy

So we ask the Question: How is it that the people, or thing we battle to defeat, we inevitably become like them? The answers are not as simplistic as those in the West would conclude on. for the Answers are ingrained in history: struggles, wars, and death. after the dust clears, A new nation, including […]

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The National Liberation’s Front Assult On Popular Soverginty

Algeria, a country before and since its liberation from France in 1954 has been in political upheaval that has sculpture the society into religious and political¬†Sectarianism. The division of political parties, and the marginalization of others, has lead to greater imbalances and challenges for Algeria. These Imbalances created from religious & political sectarianism has attributed […]

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